How to win an Everly CD

Hi all,

Becky from Bethany Joy Galeotti's FanForum donated 6 Everly B-Side CDs for six lucky fans who donate to LOVE146 via the #WeAreAllHuman Crowdrise by December 31st. This contest started on December 21st, so only donations on or after this day count. If you gave before this day, you'll have to donate again!

Songs on the CD:
1. Quicksand
2. Maybe
3. Flying Machine
4. Girl in the Moon
5. We Belong

All you have to do is donate $15 or more to LOVE146, and your name will be placed in a draw. Winners, on January 2nd, will be picked at random. With 6 CDs, the odds of you winning are pretty high!

All money raised is going to LOVE146's Round Home, a safe home for survivors of child sex slavery and trafficking. This home cares for these precious children and restores hope in their darkened lives.

What else do you get if you donate? Glad you asked! I will be sending out #WeAreAllHuman/Love Warrior Thank You cards which I, Stephanie (random Joy fan/abolitionist), have designed. The writing on the card is from Bethany Joy Galeotti AND Love146. It's a great reminder of such a special project, and if you do have the opportunity to donate, send your address to bjgfans@gmail.com. I am willing to send these cards ANYWHERE in the world. As of now, I have cards to send to abolitionists in South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America!

To be eligible for the card, you'll have to have given after December 1st.

Thank you EVERYONE who has participated in this campaign whether you donated and/or mentioned #WeAreAllHuman on December 11/12. All of your support has been staggering! I am so thankful to have worked with such a great group of people to spread awareness of a wonderful organization (Love146) and a salient world issue: child trafficking.

So donate before Dec. 31st for a complimentary card and the chance to win an Everly CD.

Much love and gratitude,

xoxo Steph


#WeAreAllHuman Mentions

We achieved 18,7000 Mentions. Thank you EVERYONE who participated!

We donated $2000 to Love146: http://www.crowdrise.com/weareallhumantwitter/fundraiser/weareallhuman

Much Love.

xoxo Steph

#WeAreAllHuman Campaign

Hello Love Warriors,

On December 11/12 (this Sat/Sun), I -- along with the help of a fellow Bethany Joy Galeotti fan -- will pay 10 cents for EVERY #WeAreAllHuman mention on Twitter (up to $3000) to Love146, an organization that protects and cares for children who have experienced the devastating world of child sex slavery and exploitation.

So get ready to retweet, add #WeAreAllHuman to all of your tweets, and BEG your friends to join in as we try to spread awareness of this heartbreaking issue.

Help us end modern day slavery.

It all starts with YOU. Educate yourself, support the organizations, investigate what stores you buy from, and TELL others.

So please join our social movement on December 11/12 and help us spread such an important message. We are ALL human.

To learn more, please visit Love146's website: http://www.love146.org

Donate to our cause: http://www.crowdrise.com/weareallhuman

Every donation will receive a Thank You card written by Bethany Joy Galeotti. Once you have donated, send your address to bjgfans@gmail.com. I will send these cards ANYWHERE in the world! All you have to do is donate at least $10 by Dec. 31st.

Thank you for ALL of your support,