How to get involved in our awesome video!!

I made this video to outline how you can get involved in our video! I am very camera shy, so it's proof that you can do it too!!!

Very simple to get involved!! Send everything to bjgfans@gmail.com

LoveWarrior Video from Stephanie Lapointe on Vimeo.


Puzzle pieces for the broken hearted

Individually our hearts have broken for this issue, but it led us all to each other and this campaign. By working together, it's like our hearts are all connected - like individual pieces placed together in a puzzle.

Kristen (@KLafferty6) has made a WONDERFUL puzzle in honour of our broken hearts.

When you participate in our video - tweet, picture, and/or video clip - we will send you a piece of the puzzle - a pendant that you can wear around your neck. Read how to get involved in our video here: Let's Celebrate Our Broken Hearts

When you participate, send your mailing address to bjgfans@gmail.com (or just let me know your name if I sent you an TY card). This is simply a Thank You for joining our broken hearts club!!



Let's celebrate our broken hearts

We're putting together a video for Love146's Broken Heart Club and need your help!!! Because this movement has been a collection of our voices, I'd love our video to reflect how we have all worked together to establish a movement against child sex slavery. Our hearts all broke for different reasons, but it led to all of us coming together.

About the Program:

People tell us all the time that child sex slavery and exploitation is heart breaking. So why would we celebrate that? Because out of a broken heart comes change, a change that will lead to abolition and restoration.

From January 1 - February 14, you can join Love146 in celebrating your broken heart by sending us a video. Your video should share what broke your heart about child sex slavery and exploitation, and what you did (or would like to do) with your broken heart. Share why you're choosing to celebrate your broken heart with us this Valentine's Day.


How you can get involved:

You can choose to do ONE of three things:

1. Send us a tweet on why child trafficking has broken your heart, or how your broken heart led you to Love146. Use the hashtag #LoveWarrior instead of tweeting directing to WeAreAllHumann. Just let us know if you tweeted something! :)

An Example: "My heart broke when I found out girls were sold as commodities #LoveWarrior.

2. Send us a picture illustrating how child trafficking broke your heart with the words "Love Warrior" somewhere on the photo. This could be a drawing, a story (with text), a picture of you making a heart with your hands, etc. BE creative!

3. Put together 30-40 second video clip talking about how child trafficking broke your heart and why you are choosing to celebrate it by helping these precious children. The video can be of you talking, singing, rapping, dancing.. whatever you want! :)

Requirement for video: Add love warrior somewhere. Face paint, on your arm, make a shirt or hat. Be creative! :)

Important PART!!!

We'd love to end the video with a series of clips of us saying "I'm a Love Warrior", so if you could send us a video clip or a picture of you with text, that would be amazing. I feel like so many of us have celebrated our broken hearts by working together and becoming "Love Warriors" and we'd love to end our video with this powerful statement.


The deadline for submissions is January 31st. Send all pictures and videos to bjgfans@gmail.com . All tweets only need to hashtag #LoveWarrior!

Please celebrate your broken heart with us!!!!