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To do a campaign again. The problem? I'm a little stumped with what to do. The challenge with social media fundraising is how virtual the process is. Unless you're an influencer (celeb, popular blogger, etc.), it's really difficult to ask strangers for money online. Obviously, I lack in credibility since I am simply a face behind a screen name and avatar. I don't have a song I can release to raise funds. I don't have a strand of hair to auction off. Well, I do, but only my mom would buy it out of guilt. I'd love to one day do another #WeAreAllHuman mention campaign, but I don't have large sums of money to do that again.

I don't have an emotional story tied to trafficking. I have not experienced that world first-hand. I don't have wisdom for survivors. I wish I understood why that world existed beyond the obvious reasons of poverty, exploitation and desperation. All I truly have to offer is my support for the issue. My enthusiasm to see real change during my life time, and the only way that can be accomplished is if we truly start to re-evaluate the world we live in. If we start to question everything we know to be true.

Instead of trying to answer the philosophical answers of our existence, I'd rather start small by supporting Love146 again by donating to their prevention and aftercare programs. So, the question I ask is if you would all be interested in doing something again?

I don't have any pull for celebrity involvement, but that doesn't mean what we do isn't special. That doesn't mean our efforts won't be appreciated.

I am going to list a few ideas in a poll below, and I am open to so many creative suggestions. So please vote, share, and be as creative as you'd like.

PollPub.com VoteWhat type of fundraising campaign would you like to do?
A fundraising challenge - whoever raises most $ gets a prize?
Twitter mention campaign with multiple contributors?
#WeAreAllHuman / #LoveWarrior Merchandise - proceeds go to Love146?
Something similar to the Christmas Card/Thank You card - free w/ every donation?
Other - put in comment field

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Thank you everyone who has donated and helped spread the word for #WeAreAllHuman. I'd love to do something just as special again, so please participate in the poll and share your wonderful ideas!!


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