I'll do it later...

I said almost 3 months ago that I'd contribute to this blog, but this is only my first post. I was too busy, I didn't know what to write, I forgot, had no inspiration, other things were more important... And then I realised - this is so stupid! Why aren't I just writing anything and doing my small bit to promote Love146 and end human trafficking and exploitation?? - it's not that difficult to write a blog entry.

The principal of not putting things off is definitely one that should be applied to fighting human trafficking. There's no time we can waste when people are being treated in ways too hard to imagine. I thought to myself, if i can't even be bothered to write a blog post, I'm certainly not helping in any way. So right now I'm going to do something, anything, to help; starting with this blog. And I urge you to do something too, especially as it's #CharityTuesday. I'll either tell someone about Love146, open someone's eyes to the harsh reality of human trafficking, or donate what I can to this more than worthwhile cause. Do something now, it won't take much, just STOP PUTTING IT OFF. Every second we tell ourselves "I'll do it later" or "They don't want to hear about that..." is a second wasted in the fight to end the suffering and help the victims of this atrocious trade.

So with this short post, all I want to say is Do Something. Now.



  1. Well said! and because of your post I will do a post on my blog tomorrow and tell people about this amazing cause and I'll retweet this post! Every voice can make a difference

  2. I posted about them last week! The work they do is inspirational to say the least. I've decided to "do" something and join "Tread on Trafficking"! Thanks for getting the word out!


  3. John Legend said in his song "The future started yesterday and we are already late."

    True, we are already late but we are not too late. Something can still be done.

    Also true, human trafficking is an issue needed to be addressed immediately.

    Thank you Hallie for your urgent reminder to do something. You've defintely urged me to post my own thoughts on this issue now as I've also procrastinated for so long.

    Bless you.